Fiability and reactivity


Our fleet
The EC 135, our choice for your efficiency.

Since its beginnings, HELICAP main mission was to actively contribute to emergency medicine progress. For this reason, we were the first French operator to invest in the new generation aircraft which offers the best safety conditions to the heliborne emergency medicine.

Today HELICAP operates a fleet of 13 EC 135 implanted by 21 pilots and 12 technicians.

More safety for people:

  • Protected tailís rotor reducing the risks of accidents.
  • Distance from the ground: 3.55m (when the rotor is revolving)
More safety for the rescue team and the thirds:
Very often, the medical helicopter has to land close to a non trained population. We selected the EC 135 for the safe environment it offers.
More flight safety :

  • Compact outside dimensions which allows the landing in reduced accesses.
  • 2 engines for more safety
  • Large view zone thanks to a reduced instrument panel and large glasses.
  • High landing gear offers a good stability in every kind of land.
  • Tailís rotor protected from the groundĎs obstacles.
Better working conditions:

  • Reduced bumps during the patientís loading thanks to a sliding channel system
  • 2 large doors which permits to take on board a patient in a Ĺ seat position.
  • An easier stretcherís loading thanks a double access on the helicopterís back and side.
  • A plan and clear floor without doorstep which make easier the loading and limits the accident risks.
  • A simple access for each patientís body parts + a possible doctorís positioning at the patient heads to intubate during the flight.
We take part in the patientsí pre hospital conditioning progresses using an adapted aircraft to meet the emergency medicine requirements. Capacity: Medical team up to 3 persons + 1 patient

Roomy cabin, noiseless interior, low-vibratory level, luminous and safe environment = the unequalled conditions of intervention.
Environment protection:

EC 135 is the quietest helicopter of its category with a twice lower noise pollution.

The medical helicopter often goes in sensitives areas (urban zone, hospitals areas) so we need the silentiest helicopter, and we have chosen the EC 135.
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