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First steps of HEMS..

In 1977, HELICAP is founded by Jean CAPOULADE.

At the beginning of the seventies, Jean CAPOULADE fascinated by the incredible prospects which offers the helicopter, decided to create HELICAP in 1977. During the first years, the principal activity of the company was focused on the pilot’s trainings, first flights, and aerial filming in Paris area.

With his son, Michel CAPOULADE, as true visionaries of the pre-medical taking care of patients, they early got specialized in medical transport. And thus, in 1983, in collaboration with one of the founders of the French SAMU, the Professor Pierre HUGUENARD, HELICAP for the first time in France puts a civil helicopter at an EMS permanent disposal, based in Créteil.

Consequently, HELICAP has constantly innovated in sanitary field for a taking care every time more efficient of the SMUR’s (Mobile service of emergency and reanimation) patients under the direction of Michel CAPOULADE. In 1994, pre-empting on the new French and European regulations, first contacts are taken with the European aircraft manufacturers to purchase a twin engine helicopter class performance1 workable in A category. In 1996, HELICAP and EUROCOPTER agreed a delivery of 10 EC135 which will start his sanitary career with HELICAP at the EMS 42 of St Etienne. This helicopter’s modern design, its low-vibrating level, an efficient accessibility for the patient and facilities specially conceived according to the specifics needs of EMS constitute a major progress, making now possible intubations during the flight.

GROUP SAF is today the first world’s owner of this kind of helicopters. Thanks to its staff’s abilities and motivation combined with a rigorous follow-up of material and the efficiency of its leading providers, HELICAP had become today a reference in the world of medical evacuation flights.

Nowadays, the GROUP SAF constituted of a fleet of 35 helicopters including 20 twin engines, has became a major medical transport contributor in Europe. The teams gathered, legitimately attached to their roots; find a common motivation to guarantee a high quality service and safety.

Bringing together two strong expertises permitted a major advance towards a better take care of patients.


The new GROUP SAF is a natural work meeting of two men which have imagine what the futures medical transports’ needs were. At the end of the seventies, Roland FRAISSINET and Jean CAPOULADE were sharing already the same vision and envisaged the transport’s possibilities of patients or injured people. They imagined already the lives that could be saved thanks to this magic tool, the helicopter.

Their respective tastes and affinities directed one towards the plain’s EMS with HELICAP and the other towards the mountain rescue with SECOURS AERIEN FRANCAIS which became SAF HELICOPTERES. Each one of those two pioneers created around them a collaborator’s team sharing the same values of safety, reliability and adaptability.

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