Fiability and reactivity


Every day HELICAP commits itself to your safety.

Safety is our top priority; it is our ever present stimulus.

For your peace of mind it is the only reason why one day we might have to decline or postpone a mission. The first people in charge of your safety are our crews. This is the reason why our pilots have to meet very strict criteria to be hired.

We make substantial investment in their training. Every year they undergo high level training.Each pilot is also requested to sit a knowledge test twice a year and he/she can take part in risk factor training sessions.

Thus, we do our utmost to meet your requests and to guarantee the highest level of safety.


The maintenance of our helicopters is the second pillar of your safety.

All our helicopters are being maintained in our service facilities.

Like our pilots, all our mechanics have been selected and hired for their high technical knowledge.

To constantly further increase our level of skills and safety, we frequently carry out audits tagetting the quality of our maintenance work. Thanks to this high level of quality we were granted the PART 145 approval (approval number FR.145.104 and FR.145.084), BELL TEXTRON CSF (Customer Service Facility) EUROCOPTER service station.

Last but not least, for each flight request our ground staff makes sure that the mission is feasible and safe. They will inform you about potential operation restraints and will take care of all procedures involved so as to guarantee that your request is compliant with the regulation in the country or countries being over flown.

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